Small Group Opportunities

Here’s one of the best ways to “connect” with people who attend Legacy Church.  And there are many options to pick from— women’s or men’s small groups, “multiply” groups, sermon-based small groups, open share groups at Celebrate Recovery, personal discipleship, and elective topical studies.  You’ll be surprised at how many options are available.  Detailed descriptions below.


Men's 40 and under ZOOM E -Group

We seem to be content. Others may say stubborn. But before we declare “hey, we’re not stubborn!” Have we changed our brand of toothpaste, cell phone, deodorant, video game platform, shaving cream, or power tools ... ever? Honestly, that’s probably because we're a little stubborn and a lot content. We've found what works and we're comfortable, even if there might be something better. And at times, our faith isn't much different.  


Jesus started a small group with men from all walks of life. Showing us that life is more complete when we study and seek God together. In an effort to boldly follow his example, let's break away from our comfort and contentment.

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Men 40 and under


Thursday's at 7:00 pm

Contact or Questions? 




New for FALL - Women


Tuesdays, August 30th @ 6:30 p.m. (Del Cerro Home)

Thursdays, September 1 @ 10 a.m. (Legacy La Mesa

Priscilla Shirer study: THE ARMOR OF GOD

Learn How The Enemy Always Fails When He Meets A Woman Dressed For The Occasion A 7-Session Women's Study for Small Groups

Join us for a truly life-changing study that will bring to light the war around you and challenge you to suit up, stand firm, and secure victory in your life. You’ll develop a personalized prayer-strategy to promptly put the enemy in his place. Take advantage of your position in Christ and see how He moves in your difficult circumstances and relationships.


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Women's THRIVE Group - Tierrasanta

A weekly study for women looking to go deeper into God's Word as you connect with other women.  Our new study, Entrusted, by Beth Moore, will dive into the book of II Timothy. "God is calling you to be his mighty servant, willing to face whatever difficulty you encounter as you carry out His mission."



Women's WEEKLY


Tuesdays, MARCH 3 at 10:30 a.m.

10881 Tierrasanta Blvd.

Contact: or Questions? Liz 623.810.8275


Men of Tierrasanta looking for weekly encouragement , prayer and Bible study

Tuesday early evening at 5 PM - 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month. 

At the Brown Home

The leader is Randy Brown

Wednesday early evening at 5 PM. 

At the Brittain Home

The leaders are Ted Hendrickson  & Luke Hanshy 


Saturday Morning via ZOOM at 8 AM. 

The leaders is Ron Seager  & Steve Austin


Men looking for weekly encouragement , prayer and Bible study

Monday evening at 6:30 PM. 

The leader is James Bender
Meets at La Mesa Campus Community Room 1

Wednesday morning at 6 AM. 

The leader is Don Steinbock.
Meets at La Mesa Campus Community Room 1

Wednesday morning at 7 AM. 

The leader is Todd Molter
contact for address


Thursday evening at 6:00 PM. 

The leader is Scott Hernandez
Mission Beach area contact for address

If interested, please contact Katie Stewart  or 619-337-0024

Precept Bible Studies in LA MESA

We believe that relationship with God comes through knowing His Word, and that means studying it hands-on. Precept's Method explains the nuts and bolts of our studies so that every student can discover God's truth for themselves. One book at a time we learn how to observe closely, interpret accurately, and examine how to live-in light of what we learn.


Precept Schedule Winter 2023

Book of JOSHUA

Tuesdays, January 10, 2023
9:30 am - 11:00 am


If interested, please contact Peggy Vistercil or 619-445-0070 or register online.

Discipleship and Mentoring


One on one discipleship is a relationship that we need throughout our entire journey with Christ. Why not take this step of meeting with a fellow journeyer and walking through "Knowing God Personally" - a 5 week study that helps build the foundation of your faith and gives you the opportunity to ask those "harder" questions about faith and God.

Whether you have followed Christ for many years or you are just checking faith out, this one-on-one study is for you.

Mentoring is an exciting, one-on-one relationship where two people walk together for a period of time with the Mentor infusing encouragement, strength, joy, prayer and God's word into the life of another in a time where encouragement is needed.

Interested in discipling or mentoring another? Contact Lisa at the Legacy Office for an appointment. 619-337-0024 or