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What's Happening this Week ( March 16-22) at Legacy Church

Hello Legacy Church

I am really glad we could connect last Sunday on our very first attempt at a live, streaming Sunday worship service. It was fun. The feedback from many of you was amazing. And it has now become a “must do” again this Sunday! I think you already know the reasons why. After today’s string of press conferences the corral has become even smaller. No gatherings beyond 50? Now it’s down to 10. So virtual church online is the way Legacy Church will gather – at least for the foreseeable future.

Here’s the latest Legacy update—

For the next couple weeks, we are suspending all onsite, mid-week meetings such as Precepts, Celebrate Recovery, Grief Share, and all youth ministries on both campuses. If you are part of those groups, you will be hearing from your ministry leaders or pastors re: any updates. If you are currently attending a small group or Step Study, check with your leader re: times and places of future meetings.

For the next three weeks, including Palm Sunday and Good Friday, we will be gathering online much like last Sunday. There will be a live feed from the Tierrasanta campus auditorium at 9:00 and 10:30 a.m. You can pick it up through our website or Facebook Live. It’s hard to think of not being in the same room for that long, but we intend to “perfect” our new gathering point and look forward to the day when we can worship physically together.

Meanwhile, the office will be open for business on both campuses. You can call us, email us (, or even drop by for a visit. If you want to make a prayer request, just email Lisa Gruber ( for the La Mesa campus or Ella Preston ( for the Tierrasanta campus.

Offerings and donations.  This will be one of our greatest challenges. Legacy Church (that’s YOU!) has been one of the most generous churches I’ve ever been around. You have always stepped up no matter how great the challenge. Together, we’ve planted many churches worldwide (including Legacy!), fueled and carried several worthy ministries, and redeemed an entire camp. We’ve sent kids to Hume Lake and deployed a mission team to Jamaica every summer.  Generosity!! That’s what I’m counting on now as well. 2020 would have been challenging enough, but this is a whole new challenge. So we need your help and your generosity! Check out how to GIVE ONLINE @

The Adventure Days Preschool at our Tierrasanta campus has now been closed – starting tomorrow (3/17)! Based on the CA state licensing regulations, we will have to be down a minimum of 2 weeks. The current plan is to re-start on April 1st or shortly thereafter. 189 families are now without the wonderful and convenient care of our childcare workers. Let’s pray it back into place!

The Jamaica Rummage Sale, originally scheduled for March 21, has been postponed and will be rescheduled at a later date. Hang onto your valuable “stuff” to donate when that day arrives!

OK. That’s more than enough for now. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

“Fluid, flexible, and amenable to change!” (my new mantra)

Pastor Curt

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