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Re-Opening the Live In-Person

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Hello Legacy Family It's the weekend and it's time for the next step in the "Re-Opening" of Legacy Church. In some respects, that's not even a fully accurate description, because Legacy Church was never closed! We've been online with you since March 22. But starting this Sunday you will have an additional option for your Sunday AM Worship.

Live Worship Tierrasanta Campus Auditorium

(also available: listen to the service outdoors on the patio) 9:00 and 10:30 a.m.

Let me just say from the start: these are OPTIONS now available to you.  If this is a step you don't desire to take, not a problem. Continue watching from your online location as you've been doing for the past many weeks at the same times: (9:00 or 10:30). If you're sick or in the "vulnerable" category, stay home. We all understand, and there will come a day when it's right for you. We're all ONE church no matter where we are. But if you join us live THIS SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 14, please be advised that we'll need to follow the protocols/guidelines established by the Health Department. Our facility is also a preschool, so we want to make sure we stay in sync with those requirements as well.

GENERAL PROTOCOLS * face masks are required (everyone) * social distancing of 6 ft. for seating * temperature will be taken at the door * refrain from hugs and hand-shakes * hand-sanitizers available * restrooms available and cleaned per usage * no food or drink service * max seating capacity per service = 55 + staff

REGARDING WORSHIP PRACTICES * we'll forego live singing (for now) * no passing of offering baskets (keep giving online or by mail) * face masks will not be worn by leaders when on stage (distancing in place) * no paper bulletin * the same message as the online services * sermon outline available on our website ( * outdoor option available (audio only)

REGARDING FAMILIES WHO ATTEND * family units may sit together without distancing * children are welcome, but no childcare or Legacy Kids * special kids bag available * service time runs about 50 mins.

This might sound like a long and tedious list for church attendance, but in reality, these are "quick pit-stops" on the way to worshiping with others from Legacy Church on a Sunday morning. We'll continually assess our situation each week as more details of re-opening become available. But this is where we'll start and our sincere prayer is that we can offer a safe and healthy venue for our worship. You know this isn't easy, so we need your full cooperation.

Last word: Tomorrow we celebrate, mourn and remember. A morning to feel all the feels...The moments, gained and lost. Pastor Todd is back with a message: Milestones from Genesis 35:1-7. It's a good and timely focus, including the milestones of graduations, promotions, and re-locations. We have a bit of each during our time together -- yes, both online and live! Looking forward (with love in my heart!) to worshiping with you on Sunday morning -- ALL at 9:00 or 10:30 a.m. Pastor Curt

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