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Immediate Notice. More information forthcoming on Friday as it relates to the weekend.

Let me get right to it. You are already aware of the current crisis regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus). I’m not breaking any news at this point. It is a continually evolving and fluid situation. There have been numerous closings and cancellations, and more recently, clear direction from our state and local governments that gatherings of people should not exceed 250 attenders (among other precautions). We are watching the situation very closely because we value the health and welfare of the entire Legacy congregation and community at-large.

Because none of our services are larger than 250 people . . . at this time, we anticipate having worship services as regularly scheduled. However, we are choosing to follow the precautions promoted by the CDC VISIT CDC.GOVto keep our 2 campuses clean, sanitized, and our response thoughtful, not reactionary. This DOES NOT mean there aren’t some exceptions.

If you are over the age of 65 with conditions which compromise your immune or respiratory system, you may choose to stay home.Or, if you are already not feeling well or exhibit symptoms of a cold or the flu evidenced by coughing and sneezing, PLEASE stay home!

Should you decide to stay home on Sunday morning, you can access our services live on Facebook LIVE at 9 & 10:30 am or watch the Vimeo recording on Sunday afternoon We will send out additional information in a follow-up email tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.

We care about you and we love you! More to come . . .

Pastor Curt for the whole Legacy Staff


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