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Major Update Regarding the COVID-19 & Sunday Mornings

Talk about a fluid and dynamic situation! Ok. Sit down. Because this whole adventure has taken a new direction we didn’t really anticipate! As we all know, most schools in San Diego County (public and private) are CLOSED for a 3 to 5 week period due to the mass precautions being taken with COVID-19. San Diego and La Mesa Spring Valley Schools are two of them. Not just classrooms, but the entire building complex! Here’s what this means for Legacy Church:

  • Legacy La Mesa. The Parkway School Campus is completely SHUT DOWN until April 13th. That means . . . NO Sunday services in La Mesa until then. We’ll keep you continually apprised as we move forward. But plan on Easter services in Tierrasanta on April 12th.

  • During the weekdays each campus, La Mesa and Tierrasanta, will continue to operate in normal time and fashion inasmuch as possible. We’ll spell out what this looks like in another email next week.

  • If you are part of a small group, keep meeting, growing, and caring for one another.

  • Adventure Days Preschool will continue in full operation during this time.

So What’s Happening this Weekend at Legacy Church?

We will NOT be meeting for regular worship on either campus this Sunday (03/15)

Similar to the rest of the country, we don’t really know where all this is headed. What we do know is that the Lord will prevail and Legacy Church will not cease. In the meantime, there is another way to gather and still be “better together.”

THIS SUNDAY!! You can watch our Sunday service LIVE! on FACEBOOK at 9:00 am or 10:30 am. Pastor Todd is going to bring a message titled, “Conquering Fear.” Incredibly relevant, huh?

The Legacy Band from Tierrasanta has a few songs to share, and I’ll be onboard to share some the latest and greatest news around Legacy Church.  45 minutes in length. Be sure to join us – Live!

Or, you have another option, too. A Vimeo recording of the morning message will be available on Sunday afternoon via our website ( This will be extremely helpful if you are watching the service with your small group. Recommended!! GIVE! This is a time for us to fortify the church; not shrink back. We’re on the trail of moving forward on both campuses! In fact, we’re hot on the trail of getting all our permits approved right now. TODAY (literally) we received our Demolition Permit to start work on the new La Mesa Springs site. Finally!! Hooray!! So please, regardless of your location or where you’re connecting with us, keep your financial stewardship strong so that the ministry can keep going forward without hardship.  Mail-In or Online Donations = Your Best Practice for Contributing (since we have no baskets to pass!). Go to the Legacy website ( and set up a recurring donation. It’s easy to set-up and automatic wherever you might be. Please! Stay home when you are sick, especially with any respiratory concerns. Consider greetings with less touch involved. Elbows work well. Wash your hands more than usual. Use hand sanitizers, if you can find any! Check the CDC website regularly. We will get through this eventually. But until then, let’s stick together.  Be flexible in your thinking and kind with your words. We’re all trying to get through a hard season. Stay safe. Remain calm. Be diligent. Legacy Church is here for you!! Pastor Curt

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