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Hello Legacy Church Family— One of things I’ve come to realize involves the challenge leadership faces when there are so many ideas, concerns, and viewpoints swirling around in people’s minds re: the current coronavirus crisis. It has been fluid and chaotic at times. Information can be conflicted, even in an attempt to be clear. Some people are fearful. Others in denial. Survival is on the minds of many. In the grand scheme of things, I know we’ll get through this season; and if there is another one like it someday, we’ll get through that as well. More so, I believe God walks with us in the best and worst of times. The Church lives that out as we learn to more deeply walk together. May this be OUR time as Legacy Church. We walk together!

We are in a season of transition right now.  That’s a huge part of our story as we consider the days ahead. It’s not all about COVID-19 either. Six or seven months from now Legacy Church La Mesa will have a NEW HOME. The demo work has already been fully completed. Our construction plans have received full approval by the City of La Mesa. Construction has begun!! This we know. What we don’t know is our future (if any) at Parkway Middle School or the timing if there is such a re-entry. This makes it difficult to plan.

Likewise, stewardship is a premium for us during these times. Let me be clear: good financial stewardship should always be a high value both in our homes and in our church. These are financially-challenging times. But these are also times of significant generosity. True to Legacy-form, YOU have shown amazing generosity in the recent weeks – in our general fund, in our building fund, and in many designated gifts of benevolence to aid others. I mean it – Amazing!  Thank you. As part of this season of transition and in the spirit of good stewardship, we have recently made the decision to relinquish most of our office suites and ministry center areas on Park Plaza Drive.  Effective June 1, 2020 we will retain only the smallest office suite (Suite C) so that our administrative and business affairs have a place from which to operate during the interim. Everything else will be placed in storage. Most of our La Mesa staff will continue to work remotely or operate from our Tierrasanta campus. We are so blessed to be “one church with two locations.” Even more so now! I invite you to see this period of time as a great unifier of our entire Legacy Churchbody AND the first-step of our relocation transition.

One other note of importance regards our preschool in Tierrasanta – “Adventure Days.” We are slowly engaged in the re-start of the preschool after a complete closure on March 17. Preschools are considered “essential businesses” because they serve a distinct and necessary function within the community. Next month, starting on May 4th, we will be starting just one or two classes targeting the families of frontline workers and those engaged in essential businesses. We are following closely the public health guidelines laid out by the Public Health Department and Child-Care Licensing. Each class will have 10 kids or less. We anticipate a full opening of the Adventure Days Preschool on June 1st – pending the disposition of the State of California at that time. Always fluid – right? Just wanted you all to know these next steps. Hang in there. We’re not giving up. Every day I remind myself “God’s got this.” And on most days, I experience some kind of confirmation. More on that at a later time. Be blessed. I love you much! Pastor Curt

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