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“Fluid, flexible, and amenable to change.” That’s our world right now.

Hello Legacy Church

Isn’t it the truth? Seems like multiple times each day we receive some kind of information that causes us to re-group or change course. I know I’ve never seen anything like this season of life or church before. But dear people . . . we’re going to make it through this! We don’t know exactly what will come out of this time, but the Lord does. I take peace in that thought and you can, too.

And now for some updates—

We will have an online worship service via (all links will be live on Sunday)Facebook Live! @LegacyChurchTierrasanta@LegacyChurchSDYou Tube Legacy Church SDVimeo Legacy Churchand the Legacy website this Sunday (much like last week, but so many more options).

Times: 9:00 and 10:30 a.m.  Exactly the same format each hour. Each service will include some worship singing led by a smaller portion of our band, a brief “state of the church,” and an inspiring and helpful message from one of our pastors. Spread the word to any others outside the Legacy family who might benefit from watching.

And More! After you watch the online service, we have a special Legacy Kids Edition, including worship, story, video, fun and stuff, and online friends! So families/parents – make your morning two hours of the best of Legacy Digital. FB: @legacykidsfamilies

If you’d like a DVD version of our online worship service, please contact the church office on either campus and we’ll make sure you get a copy delivered to you. Our midweek ministries (youth, CR, Grief Share, etc.) will continue to be on “COVID-19 Break” this week; but hoping and praying for some kind of re-assessment for the following week.

Adventure Days Preschool is closed for the remainder of the March. Numerous preschools continue to operate throughout San Diego. Many others are closed like us. So we’ll have to see what happens in April. Be praying for much clarity and wisdom. I think what we need most at the moment is to KNOW that each person who calls Legacy their church home is cared for. We really need each other, especially those who do not have extended family and are ultra-isolated because of it. So here’s an action item I’d like you to consider.  REACH OUT to someone with a phone call or email. Maybe more than a text. The US Postal Service is still in operation – send a card or note with a prayer. It’s OK to check up on people. The staff is doing that to some degree every day. But the need is bigger than just a few. This is why we have small groups. This is why midweek ministries happen. One-on-One Discipleship is all about investing in others – now more than ever! No matter how long this season of uncertainty lasts, let’s make it a rich time of connecting in new ways, deepening our fellowship even when it’s more difficult to do so. There will come a day when we shall be physically re-united again. And those days may be better than ever before! With great love for our church— Pastor Curt

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