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April 17th This Week at Legacy

Hello Beloved Legacy Family— These are some strange and unusual times for all of us. Today marks just one month since we (like many other churches!) made the decision to “go virtual” with our church gatherings and furlough our entire preschool operation. It all happened in a day. “Stay-at-home” has made it even more evident that these are days we don’t recognize. Charles Dickens (English playwright) in his classic novel, A Tale of Two Cities, coined a popular phrase which has stood the test of time. “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” What he meant is that we live in a world of contradictions. So we value this time of withdrawl from our “normal” life. But we anxiously await its ending. We’ve been forced to pull back. And we can hardly wait to get going again.

Here’s what I hope for all of us – that we find some of the BEST of times in these days of uncertainty and retreat, and in doing so, bring into our lives some reclaimed values and rhythms we had previously missed. I have re-found playing with my dogs more, taking longer walks, and garnering time to reflect on God’s work in my life to be some of the best. I don’t want to lose these things when “normal” finds its way again. Enough of my musings.

Here are some things happening around Legacy Church these days—

  • Weekend online church services each Sunday at 9:00 and 10:30, with a cool Kids Min option available each week (all the links below)

  • New sermon series starts this Sunday called, “Locked-Up.”  Very relevant topic! You can get the outline for the message on the Legacy website each week.

  • Multiple (many, many) ZOOM gatherings happening each week. Small groups, discipleship, Bible studies, Celebrate Recovery, youth gatherings, etc., etc.

  • Plans to re-start the Adventure Days Preschool sometime in May (it’s still considered an essential business)

  • Ongoing demolition and prep for new construction of our La Mesa Springs property – due to be completed in late 2020!

Much is happening. God is at work. Stay connected. Let’s PRAY TOGETHER about the re-boot of our physical gathering as a Church. Late May? June? July? Let’s just seek His wisdom as the current COVID-19 crisis continues to emerge. God’s got this and He will reign!

Love and grace, Pastor Curt

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