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Next Steps?

We believe life is a journey.  We don’t get to our destinations all at once.  We grow.  We change.  We mature – and all of us at different times and in different ways.  Likewise, our spiritual life is a journey.  And it’s a road that includes many twists, turns, and options.  At each intersection, God offers us the opportunities to know Him better, grow in our capacity to live a godly life, and to pursue a life of service driven by our talents and passions.  In the end, we all just want to leave something of value behind us.  That’s our legacy and we don’t get there without the journey.  Let us help you take the next steps.



Investigating the Christian faith?  Just trying to get started?  Need more information?  Trying to get some questions answered?  Need a Bible?
Legacy Church is committed to giving you the tools and resources you need for getting to know the Lord better.  God always makes Himself available to those who earnestly seek Him.

Wanna Know NOW? us


On-site @ Legacy Church:

Stop by the Wanna Know Tables outside in the patio and acquaint yourself with materials that will help you take the next step in getting to know God better.



Whether you’ve been a Christian for a short time or many years, growth is part of the on-going nature of the journey.  No one fully “arrives” but we can certainly make some significant steps that will greatly propel our lives and change the trajectory of where we’re presently headed.  Spiritual maturity is within our grasp for those willing to pursue it.
Need some help?  Want to connect with others who are headed in a similar direction?  Want to learn to read and study the Bible on your own?  Do you desire to be a more generous person?  How could prayer change your life?


On-site @ Legacy Church:

Stop by the Wanna Know Tables for materials, ideas, and opportunities for how to grow in your Christian faith.  Sign up for small group studies and one-on-one discipleship.  Learn how to get more out of the Bible every day.



There’s no better way to grow than to serve.  Legacy Church has multiple opportunities, resources and events to help you find your place in serving the Lord.  Volunteers are always needed.  Community projects and events will always be a priority at Legacy Church.  Short-term missions and church planting are high on the priority list.
Need to place to give back?  Ever considered investing your life in others?  Ready to take a risk with your faith? 


On-site @ Legacy Church:

Stop by the Wanna Know Tables for some fresh ideas in taking the step to serve others.  Volunteer opportunities.  Mission projects and trips made available.  Find your place and deepen your faith through serving.

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