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Legacy's Mission 1:8 



Legacy Church has had a long track-record of trying to build strategic partnerships with ministry leaders and organizations.  We have strongly sensed God wanted us to play a part in reaching the world and not make church just about ourselves.  The ministries listed below are some of those key partnerships which we fund and support through Mission 1:8.


May is our month.  30 days to learn, engage, and even take action.  As we work together in Mission 1:8, just remember that every minute you give, every idea you share, and every dollar you give is leveraged for something GOOD

and life-changing!




Transforming Lives
Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered approach to recovery based on 8 principles from the Beatitudes and the 12 steps of regular recovery.  CR gives people a safe place to talk about their personal hurts, habits, and hang-ups. That includes most of us, doesn’t it?
Many times our issues are deeper than drugs and alcohol abuse.  So our CR ministry is more than a 12-step program, though it includes much of that approach.  Anger.
Co-dependency.  Pornography.  Abuse.  Food addictions.  Parenting addicts.  Relationship addiction.  Plus, a dozen more!
You can check out the website
Attend CR right here at Legacy every week

camp julian oaks

Julian Oaks is a small Christian camp ministering to kids from ages 9 and 18 who have been removed from their homes for reasons of abuse or neglect.  With the help of many volunteer counselors these children are able to experience desperately needed love and hope as they are touched by the love of Jesus. 
One-week camps in the summer.  Weekend retreats in the winter.  Plus, a few other gatherings to connect throughout the year.  The counselor/camper ratios are low and personal, sometimes just 1 to 2 or even 1 on 1 with a loving adult.  The relationships started at camp often grow beyond the camp setting into lifelong mentoring friendships.

wend africa

WEND Africa, Women Empowerment Network Design,
is a non-profit which provides opportunities for employment, education & life skills to war-affected mothers and their children in Northern Uganda. 
Latest UPDATE:  The COVID lockdown continues.  It has been particularly rough on the whole operation.  As a socially-based enterprise which is dependent on the purchase of the products created by the women (largely from US supporters), the lockdown has caused a near total disconnect in that regard. 
Currently the women really struggle just to feed their children.  So Legacy Church gets to step into the gap to assist the women of WEND while we all pray for an end to the pandemic as it currently exists and the adverse impact upon the WEND families in northern Uganda.


Converge Estonia is a church-planting effort in what is considered “the least religious country” in the entire world.  As a Baltic state where 80% of the country believes religion plays no part in daily life, Estonia is now considered the most secular nation in the world.  So Legacy Church in partnership with Converge Worldwide, wants to help support a small, but growing vision to reach an emerging generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Kuldar and Margaret Klijuste joined Josiah Venture (JV) in September 2009.  In that year both responded to God’s calling and moved to the university city of Tartu to reach young leaders.  They have since moved to Tallinn to lead the JV team and be part of a new local Converge church plant.  They have two sons, Albert and Samuel, and two daughters, Matilda and Helmi.  As a family, they want to be part of a bigger movement among the youth of Eastern Europe and desire to lead  the next generation to Jesus.  Legacy Church wants to join that effort!

tTI The Timothy initiative

Three billion people around the world lack access to the Gospel.  You can help change that.
Together we can get the Gospel to everyone, everywhere.  Legacy Church has joined an unstoppable movement of disciple makers and church planters who are reaching their nations for Christ.
In the year 2020 in the midst of COVID, TTI helped plant 10,635 new churches world-wide, reaching an estimated 207,300 new believers.  Typically each new church starts with a church planting pastor and 20 new believers. 
3,303 church were launched in east and north Africa in 2020.  65% of those churches were started with “first generation” Christians, people who are the first in their families to claim faith in Jesus Christ.
Legacy Church in partnership with TTI would like to help plant 15 more churches in 2021 through Mission 1:8.

ASHLEA BLOOM Metro world child

Boots on the ground

Legacy's own Ashlea Bloom  has been working for Metro for almost 10 years, we support  her vibrant and life-changing minstry.  Because of Covid the entire ministry has had to pivot and we are praying for afety healing and support at this critical juncture.
Metro World Child is a global, faith-based humanitarian organization dedicated to serving children throughout New York City, various urban centers and rural communities around the world.
We believe that it is better to build boys and girls and help set their life on a right path at an early age than it is to repair broken men and women years down the road.  We believe that prevention is better than intervention; that reaching the next generation at an early age and introducing them to the love and hope of Christ is the best chance at setting their young life on the right road.

jimmy brown athletes in action

Boots on the ground

Legacy's own Jimmy Brown works at San Diego State University as a chaplain for the student athletes.  As the school year is finishing Jimmy is dealing with student athletes who are discouraged, disappointed, over zoomed, hard to connect with and bitterly disappointed about the loss of athletics.  Please keep him in your prayers as he try to help the students make sense of the confusion of this pandemic.
Last year alone, partners like you helped expose 325 million people to the gospel! Because Athletes in Action is a donor-supported ministry, everything that we do to encourage and equip athletes is a result of financial gifts from friends and partners like you.
“God has shown us the need to become lifelong supporters of AIA to continue the ministry of reaching the lost for Jesus Christ through sports. It’s one of the best investments for the kingdom of heaven we will ever make.” – ministry partners from Arizona Athletes in Action is a part of Cru

DAVID DIENER Two by 2 Global Ministries

Boots on the ground 


We cultivate indigenous leaders to advance Christ-centered communities-of-hope by reaching out in similar language and culture.  TWO by 2 Global Ministries works with ministry sites in Moldova, Crimea, North Caucasus, and Southern Russia/Central Siberia as a new location. Our focus is identifying, preparing, sending, and supporting Turkic-language missionaries to reach other Turkic-language people for Christ. We engage in weekly contact through mobile, largely Christian libraries in the Tatar language, Bible studies and discussions in homes, and other contacts as they can establish them. They also visit schools with Samaritan Purse gift boxes. A significant undertaking is the development of a Crimean Spiritual and Cultural Center – a place to meet and worship for the 8+ Tatar adult leaders, as well as a “safe,” non-church place for non-believers to come, have fun, ask questions, etc.

Boots on the ground

GLOBAL DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING - Multiplying Disciple Makers
Bringing relationally-driven biblical ministry education to church leaders lacking access to it​. There are over two-million pastors without access to biblical education. Additional millions of elders, deacons, evangelists, Sunday school teachers, youth leaders and children's workers lack teaching in the word of God to enhance their ministries.

Partners in God’s heart for the nations. Kasten Family: Eva, Andrew, Samuel, Elijah and Sofia. Andrew has accepted an offer to serve full-time as a Global Trainer with iTEE Global. Biblical education is a critical need in the world and iTEEG seeks to meet this need with online and face to face training.
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